Ghanaian Rising Star Twitch 4EVA Drops Chaskele Music Video

by neonmusic

5th November, 2020

Ghanaian rising star TWITCH 4EVA drops the music video for one of the standout tracks from his EP titled CHASKELE. With production credits going to East London musician Rayf (Kwollem, Kwesi Arthur, PBGR), Chaskele sees Twitch 4EVA in fine form once again, as he brings his genre-bending ‘Coastal Music’ fusion sound, driven by lush R&B, pop, and Afrobeats sensibilities, to the forefront.

Twitch 4EVA continues to set himself apart as one of the best new artists crossing over from West Africa into the global music landscape, and certainly, one to watch for 2021.

The music video for Chaskele sees Twitch 4EVA collaborating with video director Andy Madjitey to offer a compelling tale of love and heartbreak, driven by stunning cinematography and landscapes. It’s an homage of sorts to the Black Panther movie.

With this ‘Chaskele’ track, I wanted to be more open about my love life – I loved this girl and thought it was true love, but she was just in for fun. I was heartbroken, and for someone who finds it difficult to express his feelings, I let out my emotions on this song. I kept asking myself when this pain in my heart would end and I believe this track was the only way I could describe my hurt since I couldn’t show it physically. It’s a piece of me and how I felt at that time because I was really in love with this person and never wanted to lose her, but it is what it is”. – Twitch 4EVA

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