Get Lost In Slow Motion Doves By The Shadowboxers

by Lucy Lerner

12th October, 2021

Get Lost In Slow Motion Doves By The Shadowboxers

The Shadowboxers do dreamy music ever so well and you can easily get lost in the pillowy clouds of recent single Slow Motion Doves. Drenched in the trio’s infamous nostalgic sound, the catchy melody winds around an up-tempo rhythm. Matt Lipkins of The Shadowboxers says, “Slow Motion Doves is a plead for romance. That movie magic, ethereal, kind of attraction. Because whether or not that’s something everyone wants, it’s something we all deserve.”

Slow Motion Doves is the first song to start the band’s Mixtape series where The Shadowboxers curate their music into a multi-genre artist-generated playlist. They say it “will evolve on our Spotify over time to showcase the range in genre we’ve explored over the years and what it means to be in a band with 3 different songwriters. These songs were all written and recorded during our creative journey towards our last album.”

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