Georgi Krastev Releases Exquisite New Single Light Years

by Lucy Lerner

27th March, 2021

Be prepared to ride an emotional journey as Georgi Krastev releases his exquisite new single Light Years. Raw, haunting, emotive – let the song envelop you in its warmth. It encompasses the feeling of a relationship coming to an end. As the song ebbs and flows, you feel the pain, the changing of feelings from loneliness to hope and the sorrow that lingers on the last note.

Georgi Krastev is a singer-songwriter born in Bulgaria, raised in Canada and now based in Kassel, Germany. He has certainly captured our attention with Light Years.

“I wrote this song after the end of one of my first relationships. I was very immature and inexperienced and, typical of me, instead of accepting reality, I tried forcing things to work the way I wanted them to. Diamonds are made under pressure but, given enough force, anything will break. And so it did.”

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