‘Fuckboy’ by BAUM The Original or Acoustic Version?

by Marcus Adetola

11th March, 2020

‘Fuckboy’ by BAUM the original or acoustic version? It’s a difficult choice!

BAUM dropped ‘Fuckboy’ last year (2019) to critical acclaim, and she has recently released the acoustic version.
Both the original and acoustic version sound dope. And, while I do like the original version, there is something special about the acoustic version. There’s an authenticity that can only be achieved by playing an acoustic version of a song and though it might not work on every track it certainly does on ‘Fuckboy’. There’s a subtle feeling of intimacy it reverberates, which is absent on the original. And, on the acoustic version, you get to enjoy more of BAUM’s range of unadulterated vocal talent. So this time, in my opinion, the acoustic version wins. On the other hand, why choose either, why not just save both for a different occasion?

‘Fuckboy’ addresses the stereotyping of women as emotionally the weaker sex. Where did that idea originate from in the first place? It doesn’t even matter, because this generation has learned a valuable lesson from artists such as BAUM – gender does not define you.

Times are indeed changing, and so with it things we once held gospel.

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