Franke’s Why Don’t We Is One Cool Slice Of Hip-Hop Tinged R&B

by Marcus Adetola

24th March, 2020

Franke’s Why Don’t We is one cool slice of hip-hop tinged R&B which tingles your tastebuds. It has a laid back feel to it and a fusion of elements which is no surprise considering Franke’s musical background and passion for creating from an early age.

And she pretend it’s a problem if we take one
And she know that that’s a private conversation
That’s the talk that make me lose my motivation
I try to fall back but damn she look amazing.

The music video for Why Don’t We is directed Daniel Jordan K and reflects the smooth tones in the song with Franke riding on top of a car through mountains then beamed to an ice-cold scene.

Watch the video until the end for an exclusive announcement about what Franke is up to next.

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