flipturn Unveils Their Whimsical Music Video For Glistening

by Lucy Lerner

17th February, 2021

Florida trio flipturn unveils their whimsical new music video for Glistening. The track is filled with longing as melancholy vocals are draped on a bed of lo-fi indie-pop instrumentals. This feeling of yearning and daydreaming is encapsulated in the inventive visuals as real life and fantasy collide.

“The video takes place in three worlds, represented by each of us,” explains the band. “Each world shows the contrasts between expectations and reality. A colorful vibrant birthday in a dark decrepit home, bright happy cartoons set against an empty, lonely world, and mirrors that reflect the opposite of each of our environments.” – flipturn

flipturn began their musical journey in 2015 as a group of school comrades. The trio consists of Dillon Basse (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tristan Duncan (lead guitar), and Madeline Jarman (bass). It’s worth checking out their back catalogue for some emotionally relatable indie gems.

Seeing as we’re all in need of a little escapism these days, Glistening will provide the ideal comfort.

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