Flashbacks Is A Poignant Song By Zach Hood

by Lucy Lerner

13th January, 2021

At times like these, living a life of uncertainty, it’s cathartic to have a good cry. One song which might get those tears pouring down your cheeks is the poignant song Flashbacks from Zach Hood. With a base of gentle finger-picked acoustics, the song is layered with raw vocals and melancholic lyrics. Silky harmonies and a warm, spacious soundscape add to the mix.

Driving down the highway to the school yard
And you’d tell me stories ‘bout when you were young

You used to be my hero, then you put up your guard
I used to be so proud to be your son

Flashbacks is about Zach’s father who left when he was only 8-years-old. However, he reflects that the absence of this important figure in his life, despite leaving a hole, also shaped who he is as a young man today.


this song is about my dad leaving us. it comes out in January 💜

♬ FLASHBACKS by Zach Hood – Zach Hood

If you need even more of a cathartic release then have a look at Zach’s TikTok video which shows his mother listening to the song for the first time.

Flashbacks is out now.

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