First Listen: Average Gypsy – ‘Panda Bunny’

by Terry Guy

2th September, 2019

Panda Bunny is a love tune

Artists such as Average Gypsy are making Rave and warehouse parties trendy again via UK Speed Garage and House-influenced music production that will throw all you 90’s kids back to 187 Lockdown’s 1997 single ‘Gunman’ on their new, thumping track ‘Panda Bunny’.

As well as ensuring they deliver a current dance sound, which wreaks of Ministry Of Sound-bliss at times, the Vancouver based DJ/Production couple, also want to take you back to the filtered, Acid bass lines of Josh Wink’s 1995 track ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ (which was famously known for bringing an underground sound to the UK Top 10). Some of the more Industrial-metallic sounding synths during Panda Bunny’s build-up to the second instrumental, chorus section is almost reminiscent of Aphex Twin, evidencing that the pair is open to a little keyboard experimentation. Whilst the fusion of male and female vocals adds just that little bit of soulful house which their new single needs to remind you that summer’s not over yet.

Average Gypsy, AKA Josh & Dani share some background on their new track, “Panda Bunny is a love tune. The setting was Shambhala 2013. Josh and Dani had really started to fall in love. Prior to the festival, they were inseparable and when they weren’t together, they were on the phone or texting endlessly. Although it was obvious to everyone around them, Josh and Dani were trying to keep their love for each other under wraps. During the festival they would sneak kisses in the forest and leave the party separately each night, only to end up at the same, secret meeting places. One magical afternoon, Josh wore a bunny onesie, Dani wore a panda onesie and the two of them skipped off together deep into the forest where they had an epic a nd intimate meadow adventure. To this day, they still call each other by their respective animal names. These were wild and free times with a sneaky yet romantic and sexy feel. Although Dani was still resisting Josh, they would officially declare their dating status two weeks after the festival.

Even the quirky randomness and simplicity of the lyrics ‘Panda’ sung by the male voice, and ‘Bunny’ sung by the female voice ensures that Average Gypsy’s new single will stay in your mind long after the first listen. Its catchiness and higher register vocal performance during the main hook preps you nicely for the heavy impact of its powerful, dance instrumental.

Don’t waste any time and listen to Average Gypsy’s epic house track ‘Panda Bunny’ which is out now.

Average Gypsy are the co-founders and co-producers of the Rise & Shine FamJam Fundraiser, a festival that donates 100% of the proceeds to charity.

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