Fell In Love Is An Introspective Exploration Of Heartbreak From Dee Holt

by Lucy Lerner

4th May, 2023

Fell In Love Is An Introspective Exploration Of Heartbreak From Dee Holt

Montreal alt-pop artist dee holt has just released her latest single, fell in love, and it’s a moody and introspective exploration of heartbreak and loss. The song builds gradually, with an unnerving sampled beat and echoey reverb creating an eerie atmosphere that perfectly captures the feeling of confusion and uncertainty that comes with the end of a relationship.

Fell in love is a raw and honest reflection on the aftermath of a breakup. dee holt sings about the feelings of comfort and safety that she once felt with her partner, and the sense of loss and longing that comes with their absence. The lyrics are delivered with a vulnerable and emotive vocal performance that draws the listener in.

Cause, we fell in love at school
Where’s that feeling where’s that feeling
We were young dumb and crazy?

All that made me, love you more
Has disappeared along with you it feels so wrong
Oh, and I swear I loved you all along
How could you turn so quickly now the memory’s gone

Got me running round in circles
Searching who to blame
Baby all our places just don’t feel the same

The song has a stripped-down, minimalist sound that puts the focus on dee holt’s vocals and the haunting atmosphere created by the sampled beat and reverb. The slow build of the song’s arrangement adds to the sense of tension and uncertainty, making the eventual release of the chorus all the more satisfying.

Fell in love is taken from dee holt’s six-song EP i’ll be there which is out now.

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