Fall In La La Love With Lola Lennox

by Lucy Lerner

8th February, 2021

For a delicious slice of retro sink into the vibrant visuals of La La Love Me by Lola Lennox. From her vintage vocals to the nostalgic interiors and props the colour-infused music video and uplifting melody takes us away from all this dreary February has to offer. 

“In a year where we cannot live normally, I’ve found it uplifting to day dream and go to places in my mind that feel like a colourful oasis, the La La Love Me video is an expression of that. It’s a heightened reality, of colour, sparkling dreams and a party for one. The song expresses the excitement and nerves of having feelings for someone, but ultimately is a celebration of a lust for life. Working with one of my oldest friend’s Grace Pickering as director was a total joy, she understands my taste particularly well because we’ve been dressing up and talking about our style inspirations since we were teenagers. This video was created to excite, inspire and encourage people to let go and turn up the music.” – Lola Lennox

This catchy number was written by Lola Lennox and Carl Ryden, and produced by Annie Lennox alongside Dan Muckala and Braeden Wright. 

We La La Love Lola Lennox for brightening our day with her vivacious new single. 

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