Eye To Eye Is An Immersive New Single From Miller Blue

by Olivia Nakar

7th April, 2023

Eye To Eye Is An Immersive New Single From Miller Blue

Miller Blue embarks on a mission to guide listeners through the four stages of a failed relationship in a four-part EP titled Degrees of Separation.Eye to Eye, the third instalment, portrays stage three: acceptance. It paints a picture of two ex-lovers coming to terms with their emotions, moving on, and healing after a breakup.

The track is an immersive, calming combination of muted synths, softly strummed chords, simple percussion and short and sweet guitar riffs. A quiet crackling provides a fuzzy quality, enhancing the soothing effect. Warm vocals blend seamlessly with the instrumentals. The husky quality of Miller Blue’s voice combined with the underlying atmospheric crackle mean lyrics are sometimes concealed or easily misunderstood, but those that stand out, notably, “We could travel back through time” and “Everything you want and more is running through your eyes… hoping you can find some meaning”, punctuate the emotions behind the song perfectly. 

Overall, Eye to Eye is neither happy nor sad – it is more passive or content, effortlessly reflecting the nature of mixed emotions experienced after a breakup. It doesn’t jump out from a playlist, demanding attention, but it emanates warmth – a soulful hidden gem to add to your chill playlist, that’s for sure. 

Miller Blue’s Eye to Eye is out now.

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