Exploring Love’s Illusions: A Deep Dive Into Strawberry Picking By being anne

by Marcus Adetola

3rd December, 2023

Exploring Love's Illusions: A Deep Dive into Strawberry Picking by being anne

strawberry picking by being anne is a song that delves into the complexities of a past relationship, weaving a narrative that is both reflective and emotionally charged. Following her debut single, cold bitch, which offered a raw and unfiltered look at modern love and loss, being anne continues to explore the nuances of human connections in her latest track.

The song opens with a scene of strawberry picking and a picnic, a setting that immediately conjures images of idyllic summer days. However, the lyrics quickly reveal a deeper, more turbulent undercurrent. The line “When I called you a dickhead, and I hate that I meant it” is a jarring juxtaposition to the pastoral scene, indicating a relationship fraught with tension and unspoken truths.

The chorus, “We had that perfect love in summer / Don’t you dare to be a bummer / Let me love you ’til the end / Come on darling let’s pretend,” captures the essence of a relationship built on illusion and the desire to cling to a fleeting happiness. The repetition of “I was somebody, you were somebody, we were somebody else” underscores a sense of lost identity and the transformative, sometimes disorienting, power of love.

Musically, strawberry picking is anchored by gentle guitar acoustics, complemented by eerie-sounding instrumentals that create a somber yet nostalgic mood. This musical arrangement serves as a backdrop to being anne’s voice, which flows with a mix of vulnerability and strength, perfectly encapsulating the song’s poignant lyrics.

being anne strawberry picking song cover
being anne strawberry picking song cover

The song’s narrative arc, from the initial blissful ignorance to the eventual realisation of the relationship’s true nature, shows being anne’s exceptional ability to convey complex emotions with simplicity and honesty. The lyrics “You went quiet while I’m starving/Never finished what we started” speak to the frustration and longing that often accompany unfulfilled relationships.

strawberry picking is a compelling addition to being anne’s growing repertoire. It’s a song that resonates with anyone who has loved and lost, reflecting on the past with a sense of nostalgia and a recognition of the lessons learned.

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