Except For You Is A Gutsy Breakup Song From Madisyn Gifford

by Lucy Lerner

26th March, 2022

Madisyn Gifford‘s single Except For You is a gutsy breakup song with a catchy melody and heartbreaking vocals. It’s the focus track from Madisyn’s debut LP I hate ur guts. The Canadian artist delivers a relatable song about missing aspects surrounding an ex but not the ex themselves, “I miss all the little things, but I don’t want you back.” The gentle acoustics pair well with the overall dreaminess and melancholy vibe of the song. The accompanying visuals are youthful and fresh.

The song is about missing every aspect of your relationship with someone(their house, the friends you had together etc.) except for the actual person themselves, so I wanted to do a really fun sassy video that paired well with the bitter but also melancholy vibe of the song.” – Madisyn Gifford

Check out more love and heartbreak on I hate ur guts out now.

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