Emma Kern Embraces Self-Love With Her New Song Love Myself

by Marcus Adetola

17th July, 2020

Emma Kern embraces self-love with her new song Love Myself. She delves deep into a myriad of unanswered questions figuring out what to do. Emma takes a deep look into what it is to love ones self. With incisive lyrics she deliberates on actions to take to promote self-love, she adopts the premise ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’.

Not really trying to date right now
Still tryna figure my own life out
And I don’t wanna love anybody else
Till I know how to fall in love with myself

Her gentle and delicate yet inspiring vocals flow selflessly on the ominous instrumentals creating an intense mood. The hook stands out as intoxicating and captivating. Emma goes further with her second verse into the insecurities permeated from the use of social media platforms like instagram.

Posting it all up on Instagram
Isn’t helping me figure out who I am
All these edited faces up on my screen
How come none of them really look like me?

Love Myself is a socially conscious track that will resonate profoundly with popular culture today. And Emma Kern creatively pulls you into the subject. 

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