Emilia Tarrant Hits Your Heart Where It Hurts With Honeymoon Phase

by Lucy Lerner

12th March, 2021

If you want to have your heartstrings tugged then listen to the emotionally charged Honeymoon Phase by young singer-songwriter Emilia Tarrant. The piano-led ballad feels intimate, poignant, reflective and hits your heart where it hurts. Emilia Tarrant has such an emotive, melancholic vocal tone in this stripped-back track and the accompanying visuals add to that intense feeling of raw vulnerability.

“Honeymoon Phase is based on the stereotypical fairy-tale beginning that most new relationships endure, and surviving the end of it. It covers the ebbs and flows of a new relationship, the choice we face whether it’s worth fighting for, as well as the inevitable cyclical argumentative stage: ‘we fight, we cry, we hug, we fight again.”

Honeymoon Phase is for those who are at a crossroads in a relationship, those who have had their hearts broken and those who are learning to love again.

Emilia Tarrant is one to watch for talented singer-songwriters coming out of the UK. I’m sure we will be hearing more from her soon.

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