ellie d Has A Dilemma In Reach Out

by Lucy Lerner

29th September, 2021

ellie d Has A Dilemma In Reach Out

Sink into the dreaminess that is Reach Out by talented LA native ellie d. Dripping with silky nostalgic tones and airy vocals, ellie d. relays how you want to contact your ex when you’ve broken up or on a break but don’t want to be the first to reach out. It’s a simple take but told in such a raw, honest and intimate way that leaves you craving more.

ellie d. reminisces on how her feelings inspired her to write Reach Out. She says, “I had just ended things with someone and wanted to tell them about this new job I got. But I also didn’t wanna be the first to reach out.” She continues, “The dilemma of whether or not to reach out first almost feels like an impossible game with no rules.”

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