Eli Gosling Sums Up How We’re All Feeling In Locked Up

by Lucy Lerner

18th March, 2021

For his first release this year, Eli Gosling sums up how all of us our feeling in Locked Up. However, he does it in his signature honest way with a touch of playfulness and a hazy, wistful soundscape. Fusing various genres and crooning vocals Gosling relates to many listeners with his catchy new single, “I can see their faces fading.”

The talented young artist has an instinct for what his listeners want in terms of theme, lyrics and a fresh sound. 

“This track was written about what we are living through due to Covid. We are enduring what feels like a limitless stretch in confinement without any real human contact and it is taking its toll. I decided to write a song which perhaps would give voice to a generation of people who are silently struggling. It’s a really difficult time and I hope that talking about it from my perspective will encourage others to do the same”

Despite being locked up, Gosling has not been resting on his laurels and we can expect to hear more from him later this year.

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