Eli Gosling Drops The Visuals To Alien

by Lucy Lerner

21st August, 2021

An introspective and relatable piece, Alien by Eli Gosling is a slick offering of contemporary emo hip-hop. The visuals match the mood perfectly and were shot by Eli’s brother Josh at dusk, as they both followed the suburban railway line to the woods. It enhances the hazy soundscape and feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

“Sometimes, in this big bad crazy world, it feels like there are infinite amounts of people all around you, which can make you feel like a complete outcast. Some people will feel completely alienated, almost like they are all alone, floating in space. I wrote this for the people who recognise these feelings, to let them know that there is so much more out there in life, no matter how hard it can feel, always look up!”

Eli Gosling continues to impress with his latest offering which reaches out to those who feel alienated or lonely. Alien is out now with more music to come from Eli throughout this year.

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