Efi Cruise Drops Spicy Track Jangolova

by Emma Reynolds

24th June, 2021

Jangolova is a spicy, vibrant and exciting track from musician Efi Cruise that gets the body moving. Inspired by South African House music, the song experiments with percussion and combines house beats with a sexy saxophone. Jangolova is a twist on a Yoruba nursery rhyme and has a smooth, catchy vibe.

Efi Cruise comes from Calabar, Nigeria and describes his music as “Southern Afro-Jazz” which is a blend of Jazz, Afro-Beats, Highlife, Hip-Hop, and Funk. He has a very sexy, and calming voice.

Cruise debuted with his single Kai-Kai in 2017 which was well-received amongst listeners all over th3e the country. Flex was soon released in December 2018 where Cruise excited people with his stunning beats and vocals.

Cruise’s style of performance is like “scat-singing,” a style popularized by Ella Fitzgerald. It is a style mostly common among Jazz and entails a person impersonating a musical instrument with their mouth. Efi is a lover of life and considers himself a child of the World. 

Add Jangolova to your summer playlists now.

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