Dreamy Synth Pop From President Street

by neonmusic

5th April, 2019

On the 22nd of March, we headed to East London to catch Australian pop fusion collective President Street on the London leg of their national Coffee House Sessions tour. The outfit has been making waves with their dreamy synth pop, and their UK performances have given new and old fans alike a chance to see a totally different side to this group.

The acoustic nature of the set (just two guitars and vocals) gave the listeners the opportunity to truly understand the heartfelt sentiments behind some of the tracks and the paired down instrumentation gave the performance a delicate and intimate vibe.

Some standout moments were the powerfully emotional ‘Need You Now’ (a song that comes accompanied by a music video starring none other than Kate Jenkinson, star of Channel 5’s prison drama ‘Wentworth’), and the live premiere of their new single ‘Can’t Go On’, a self-confessed heartbreak anthem that documents that moment when you realise that perhaps love simply isn’t enough.

Listen to President Street’s new single ‘Can’t Go On’ below, and check out their socialsto see what this enigmatic collective get up to next.

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