Doin the Most by NOVO X Ayüü Bursts With A Myriad Of Sounds

by Marcus Adetola

29th July, 2020

Doin the Most by NOVO X Ayüü bursts with a myriad of sounds that comes across as genre-bending. There are influences from different countries including Egypt, Nigeria, and Spain that shine brightly. The infectious vocals and lyrics from both artists are the driving force on the track, as they flow fluidly on the well-mixed instrumentals. And with a strong hook to match, it comes across as captivating.

Swear I’ve been doin the most
Couple shots and a little dose (Then they fold)
Got me hanging by the rope
Probably won’t pick up the phone

Singer-songwriter NOVO of Egyptian descent wrote and produced the song with the Nigerian artist Ayüü contributing the second verse. This partnership works so well, and it would be great to see these two collaborate again in the future.

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