Dive into the Dark Depths of Korean Drama with Bargain

by Tara Price

18th October, 2023

Dive into the Dark Depths of Korean Drama with Bargain

The world of Korean drama is taking a darker turn with the release of the thrilling series Bargain. This captivating new K-drama is turning heads and sending chills down spines, leaving audiences globally on the edge of their seats. With its innovative narrative, relentless tension, and dystopian satire on capitalism, this series is set to redefine the landscape of Korean television. This article will delve into the depths of the Bargain kdrama, providing you with everything you need to know to decide if this chilling drama should be your next binge-watch.

The Premise of Bargain

Bargain is an intoxicating blend of survival thriller and dark satire on capitalism, with a dash of disaster movie thrown in for good measure. This innovative series comes as a breath of fresh air in the Korean drama landscape, offering a compelling narrative that keeps audiences hooked from the first minute.

The Story Unfolds

The narrative of Bargain plunges us into the murky world of organ trafficking, where the human body becomes a commodity to be bought and sold. The drama begins with a young woman known as Park Joo Young, who is part of an organ trafficking ring. She lures men into a secluded hotel under the guise of a sexual encounter. However, this rendezvous soon turns into a nightmare as the men find themselves strapped to a gurney, with their organs being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The plot takes an unexpected twist when a catastrophic earthquake wreaks havoc on the hotel. The victims, traffickers, and buyers are trapped within the collapsing building, forced to fight for their survival. The narrative weaves a chilling tale of desperation and survival, leaving audiences captivated and craving for more.

The Creative Minds Behind Bargain

Bargain is the creative brainchild of award-winning director Lee Chung-hyun, best known for his 2015 short film of the same name. The television adaptation is helmed by director Jeon Woo-sung, who was also involved in the making of the original film.

A Testament to Korean Filmmaking

Bargain is a testament to the innovative storytelling and technical prowess of Korean filmmakers. The series has garnered international acclaim, bagging the prestigious Best Screenplay award at the Canneseries Festival. It is an expansion of the 2015 short film of the same name, which also won accolades at South Korea’s Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival and Busan International Short Film Festival, among others.

A Stellar Cast

Bargain boasts an impressive cast, led by Jeon Jong-seo in the role of Park Joo Young. Jong-seo has already made waves in the industry with her performance in Money Heist: Korea. Alongside her, Jin Seon-kyu shines in the role of potential organ donor Noh Hyung Soo. All of Us Are Dead’s star, Shin Jae Hwi, rounds out the primary cast as Chang Sun.

The Bargain and Squid Game Connection

There’s been a lot of buzz about the similarities between Bargain and the globally successful Squid Game. Both series offer a critical commentary on capitalism, depicting a world where individuals are forced to go to extreme lengths to survive.

However, Bargain stands out with its unique narrative and tone. While Squid Game presents a game of survival with a mix of innocent and ruthless characters, Bargain offers no such solace. Every character in Bargain is flawed, and there’s no one to root for, adding to the series’ dark and gritty ambiance.

An Unforgettable Viewing Experience

One of the most striking aspects of Bargain is its unique storytelling style. Each episode is designed to appear as a single, continuous shot, resulting in an intense and immersive viewing experience. This innovative filming technique, coupled with the series’ complex narrative and well-crafted characters, makes ‘Bargain’ an unforgettable watch.

However, it’s not just the innovative filming technique that sets Bargain apart. The series’ production design is a marvel, with a meticulously crafted set that enhances the narrative’s tension and drama. From twisty hallways to strategically placed crevasses, every element of the set contributes to the story’s progression.

Bargain – A Dark Commentary on Capitalism

Bargain uses its gripping narrative to offer a dark commentary on capitalism. The series depicts a world where the human body becomes a commodity, reflecting the dehumanisation inherent in a capitalist society. It’s a chilling critique of a system that itemises and monetizes the poor, stripping them of their humanity.

Is Bargain Worth Watching?

Bargain is a must-watch for anyone seeking a thrilling and thought-provoking viewing experience. With its unique narrative, compelling performances, and stunning production design, this series is set to redefine the landscape of Korean drama. If you’re a fan of intense and chilling narratives with social commentary, then Bargain is definitely worth a watch.

Bargain KDrama Series
Bargain KDrama Series

Where Can I Watch Bargain Kdrama?

Bargain is available for streaming on Paramount+. The entire series was released at once, making it perfect for binge-watching.

How Many Episodes Are in Bargain Kdrama?

Bargain is comprised of six gripping episodes, each clocking in at approximately 35–37 minutes. This compact runtime makes it perfect for a quick binge-watch without becoming an overwhelming commitment.

Final Thoughts

Bargain is a thrilling addition to the world of Korean drama, offering a unique narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Its chilling portrayal of organ trafficking and the dark side of capitalism keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, while its compelling performances and innovative filmmaking techniques make it a standout series. Whether you’re a seasoned K-drama fan or new to the genre, Bargain is a series that should not be missed.

So, if you’re ready for a chilling and captivating viewing experience, it’s time to dive into the dark world of Bargain. This unique K-drama is set to leave you breathless and craving more. Happy watching!

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