CXLEB: The DIY Pop Sensation Who Is Making Music for the Masses

by neonmusic

4th March, 2023

CXLEB: The DIY Pop Sensation Who Is Making Music for the Masses

Pop music can evoke emotions, making us dance, laugh, or cry. It elevates our mood, reduces stress and pain, and brings us together. Many music enthusiasts love pop music due to its unique rhythms, catchy melodies, and lyrics about the ups and downs in life, including relationships. CXLEB is a pop sensation who has chosen to make a name for himself through this unique genre. 

Born on July 31, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, CXLEB has loved music since childhood and was inspired to pursue it as a career through his dad, who was a music artist. The pop stars love for music began after listening to renowned pop artists like Post Malone and Justin Bieber. “Ever since the day I discovered ‘White Iverson’ by Post Malone, I knew I wanted to make music,” shares CXLEB. 

What makes CXLEB stand out is his ability to make pop music by himself. The DIY artist did not attend music school. Driven by an unrelenting desire to become an artist, CXLEB taught himself to sing and write music. He worked on improving his music skills by frequently listening to his pop music idols to develop his own sound. CXLEB’s unique style has enabled him to break through in a fiercely competitive industry, with his songs attracting massive attention. “I love to create music that others can relate to,” shares CXLEB.

CXLEB’s pop music is a breath of fresh air and leaves fans yearning for more. He has unmatched artistic skills that help create songs that are relatable and accessible to the masses. Besides this, most of his followers easily relate to the lyrics of each song, something that has seen him garner a massive following across music streaming platforms. “One of my songs reached 100K streams, including Spotify,” CXLEB shares.

The rising artist is a talent to be reckoned with and has yet to show signs of slowing down and aims to make global music headlines. To date, CXLEB has attended different concerts and award shows to showcase his musical prowess. He has also been featured on TMZ and participated in several music tours with his friends.

With only 4 years in the industry, CXLEB has achieved more than many artists who have been at it for years have done. With sheer hard work, focus, and determination, CXLEB is set to drop a set of songs this year, and his fans can’t wait to hear what he has in store for them.

According to CXLEB, the most challenging part of his music journey is finding the right team to work with. Like other artists, he has had many managers take charge of his brand. However, it’s been difficult for him to figure out who among them is better suited to see him rise to the next level.

The up-and-coming artist believes following your passion and developing your craft will help you achieve your dreams. Today, he is a testament that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, even without any formal training.

CXLEB is undeniably set to scale new heights in the music scene as he continues to make more music for his fans worldwide. He looks forward to growing his audience and reaching his highest goal of attaining the Platinum plaque.

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