Curtis Walsh x Anna Pancaldi Collaborate On Emotive Single Bend

by Lucy Lerner

6th March, 2021

Curtis Walsh x Anna Pancaldi Collaborate On Emotive Single Bend

The pandemic might have hindered some artists, but for others, they have flourished. Some have even formed musical partnerships to enhance this creativity. Curtis Walsh collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter Anna Pancaldi to create the stunning single Bend.

Bend features a thumping heartbeat drum pattern, a light and airy soundscape, and the pair’s smooth vocals which are at one at times. The song builds beautifully and you’re swept along on a tide of emotion and feel almost bereft as it draws to an end.

“I really enjoyed working on this track with Anna during lockdown. It was a very chilled approach despite writing it over video chat. Anna and I could both relate to the feeling of realising something has to change in a relationship but also being fearful of that change at the same time. So we tried to capture that emotion in this song”. – Curtis Walsh

“Writing and releasing this song with Curtis during lockdown was such a treat. We wanted to encapsulate the feeling of giving your every part to someone/something but coming to a realization that stepping back can at times be the most honest offering to you both when it’s no longer working.” – Anna Pancaldi

Anna Pancaldi has written about her experience as a music artist during the Pandemic.

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