Crave Another Sip Of Coffee & Whiskey By Aryy x Cameron Sanderson

by Lucy Lerner

25th March, 2021

Coffee and whiskey can be potent. On one hand, you can feel invigorated, filled with warmth and elevated but too much can have the opposite effect and leave a bad taste in your mouth. And so is the labyrinth of a relationship from the good to the bad and everything complicated and torturous in between. aryy and Cameron Sanderson capture all these emotions in their beautiful new song coffee & whiskey.

“Coffee & whiskey was based on a poem I had written a while ago and it’s about reminiscing on the times spent with a certain someone that made me feel warm, energized and high, and just like a mix of coffee and whiskey, left me with a bitter taste, hungover and an insomniac”, aryy continues, “and together with Cameron, we were able to use our past experiences to translate this feeling into a song”.

The song has an intense warmth that seeps into your bones. The two vocals complement each other and the soundscape takes a dreamy tone. Gorgeous harmonies and heartfelt lyrics wash over you. Coffee and whiskey, like its namesakes, lingers on the tongue and you will soon be craving another sip.

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