Common Hours Casts A Dreamy Spell With Things Of That Nature

by Lucy Lerner

30th March, 2024

Common Hours Casts A Dreamy Spell With Things Of That Nature

Close your eyes and drift away with Things Of That Nature, the latest single from Common Hours (aka Portland’s own Adam Black). This ethereal soundscape is everything you want in an indie pop anthem – tender vocals that caress your ears, acoustic guitar and piano weaving a warm tapestry, and subtle electronic flourishes that add a touch of modern mystique.

Common Hours Things Of That Nature artwork

Black’s songwriting is the star here. Deep, yet relatable lyrics glisten and the tender embrace of the acoustic guitar and piano is a masterclass in creating a lush sonic landscape. Hints of electronic flourishes shimmer in and out, adding an intrigue that begs for repeat listens. This is music that feels meticulously crafted, yet effortlessly cool.

Things Of That Nature is a prime candidate for your favourite coming-of-age film or a late-night television drama. It’s a song that lingers, leaving a residue of dreamy melancholia that’s strangely comforting.

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