Childe’s Chemical Balance: A Haunting Melody Of Mind And Emotion

by Lucy Lerner

29th July, 2023

Childe's 'Chemical Balance': A Haunting Melody Of Mind And Emotion

“The world is broken, not the people” – Childe

If you’re looking for a new indie-pop sensation to add to your playlist, look no further than Childe, the singer-songwriter who has just dropped his latest single Chemical Balance along with a stunning video.

Chemical Balance is a preview of his upcoming debut album Stoned & Supremely Confident, which will be released on September 8th and promises to be a compelling journey through Childe’s artistic and emotional world. In the 9-track project Childe tackles difficult topics such as loneliness, depression, heartache and frustration. In an age where mental health discussions are becoming increasingly important, Childe opens up about personal and family struggles with mental illness and the challenges of over-medicating. Through his candid lyrics and emotionally charged delivery, Childe offers an authentic and vulnerable narrative, inviting listeners to connect on a profoundly human level.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artistic cultures, Childe demonstrates his eclectic influences, which span from modern literature to abstract painting, and from the captivating sounds of FKA Twigs to the thought-provoking art of Grayson Perry. This diverse pool of inspiration undoubtedly enriches the album, creating a unique and multi-faceted listening experience.

Childe has a unique voice that can convey both strength and vulnerability, and he showcases it beautifully on Chemical Balance, a song that explores his personal and family struggles with mental illness and over-medicating. He sings with honesty and emotion over a catchy guitar riff that will make you want to sing along. Lyrics are candid and thought provoking:

“Its not the present,
That we’ve been dealing with,
Life will give you lemons,
Unless you squeeze a bit,
I follow the patterns,
That make it what it is

The video, complements the song perfectly. Director Oska Zaky says, “Having worked with Childe on his very early projects hearing Chemical Balance for the first time really re-inspired how we saw Childe visually. This song gave us space to be really creative with how we told this story. We wanted to leave space for the viewer to fill in the blanks and wonder what he was holding on to physically and emotionally. This polaroid represents addiction and always having a crutch or something to search for.”

Childe is a rising star in the indie-pop scene, and Chemical Balance is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates honest and heartfelt music. Don’t miss his debut album Stoned & Supremely Confident, which will surely be one of the best releases of the year.

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