Chaz Cardigan Releases Catchy New Single ‘Being Human’

by Marcus Adetola

2th March, 2020

Multi-talented artist Chaz Cardigan takes us through a crash course of what it means ‘Being Human’ in his latest song.

The loud synths with the nursery-esque rhymes and upbeat tempo make ‘Being Human’ exhilarating and incredibly catchy.

Although the subject matter is serious, and maybe one for philosophers, Chaz guides us through in a fun and exciting way.

‘Being Human’ explores our hopes and fears based on the diverse views we cultivate. Most people are plagued with fear in society which can run their lives, often taking precedence in decision-making. However, the funny thing is that we have no control over what happens to us anyway.

“And no one knows where the hell we’re going
We’re all f*cked up
And we’re alright”

Chaz Cardigan’s ‘Being Human’ is a celebration of our imperfections, differences, the lack of knowledge and understanding of what the future might bring.

Chaz Cardigan is the first artist signed to the joint partnership between, Capitol Records, and Loud Robot.
Loud Robot is the indie music label from J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot.

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