Charioteer Is A Bold New Release From B of Briz

by Lucy Lerner

31st July, 2022

Charioteer Is A Bold New Release From B of Briz

Bristol rapper B of Briz releases the mesmerizing Charioteer. Having completed a PhD in philosophy Briz is harnessing her philosophical training to try to make sense of life through her music.

Charioteer begins with a dynamic, cinematic beat and airtight sound. Briz entrances with compelling lyrics against a backdrop of haunting choral harmonies. Charioteer leaves the listener wanting to press play time and time again to soak up more of the intriguing, expressionistic piece and dissect each lyric.

Our own versions of Dionysian dismembering
All of this for the sake of remembering
Go through the process of regathering
A cherubic vision, lions, bulls, eagles, and humans,
Wheels within wheels, truth beaming in lumens
To those who think theosis is hubris,
Nothing is forgotten that can’t be remembered,
Nothing lost or surrendered,
Everything is everything,
(And anything else is a red herring)

Charioteer is a bold song from a talented new artist. It is the second single from B of Briz’s upcoming debut EP Forty-Two and follows the sublime debut What Would Buffy Do?

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