Cate Tomlinson’s So Cool So Mean Is A Sultry Dive Into The Tumultuous Waters Of Infatuation

by Marcus Adetola

29th August, 2023

Cate Tomlinson's So Cool So Mean Is A Sultry Dive Into The Tumultuous Waters Of Infatuation

Cate Tomlinson’s latest track, so cool so mean, from her EP Blueberry Season, holds up that mirror to the intoxicating, confusing, and often tumultuous world of early-stage crushes.

The track is a sultry pop-rock anthem, danceable and upbeat, yet it delves deep into the complexities of admiration and self-reflection. It’s a song that captures that feeling of seeing someone so dazzling that they seem almost unattainable. The lyrics, “She’s so cool, so mean, And prettier than me,” resonate with the raw vulnerability of comparing oneself to another, a familiar sentiment.

Tomlinson’s lyrics “She’s got a tattoo cross on her ring finger, Found myself a real neck breaker”, paint a vivid picture of the object of her affection, a woman who exudes confidence and allure, making the listener almost see her and feel her presence. The repeated line, “Said I won’t, but I’ll think twice for her,” speaks to the internal tug-of-war, the magnetic pull of attraction that’s hard to resist, even when one knows the potential pitfalls.

Cate Tomlinson Blueberry Season EP

Blueberry Season as an EP is a journey of change and self-discovery, and so cool so mean stands out as an explosive shift, both sonically and lyrically. The track encapsulates the essence of the EP, highlighting the seasons of change in one’s life, especially when it comes to identity and self-worth.

The chorus, with its catchy repetition, is bound to be an earworm, but it’s the verses that provide depth. “Pulling without even trying, gravity’s under her heel,” Tomlinson sings, emphasising the effortless allure of her crush, making listeners remember their own moments of helpless attraction.

So cool so mean is a song that captures the rollercoaster of emotions one feels when faced with a new crush, the highs of admiration, and the lows of self-doubt. Whether you’re in the throes of a new romance or simply looking for a track to dance away your blues, so cool so mean is the anthem you didn’t know you needed.

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