Caleb Kunle Journeys To Paradise With The Single Going Home

by Marcus Adetola

29th April, 2021

Caleb Kunle longs for paradise with the enchantingly sweet single Going Home. It’s a nostalgic song that harbours wistful sentiments of home. He recalls pleasant memories of simpler times in light of the pandemic and other world-changing events that have recently occurred. Caleb’s friend and collaborator on the track, K the Infinite, both find common ground with the idea of breaking free from the complications in the world. The lush and tranquil soundscapes combined with intoxicating vocals take you on a soulful and mesmerizing journey.

In light of the unprecedented events of 2020 with stories of brutality and inequality littering headlines, coupled with the feeling of missing home, I was inspired to write a homage to simpler times. Seeing a picture from my childhood in Nigeria and hearing voice notes from my mother sparked a line that kept repeating in my mind, ‘I feel like going home, for a while, breaking free”. – Caleb Kunle

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