Bryce Drew’s That Dress – A Symphony Of Emotion And Empowerment

by Lucy Lerner

17th November, 2023

Bryce Drew's That Dress - A Symphony of Emotion and Empowerment

Miami-born Trinidadian-American artist Bryce Drew’s latest single, That Dress, is a sultry ballad that takes you on a journey through the emotional complexities of adult romance, told with a poignant simplicity that resonates deeply.

At first listen, That Dress might seem like a narrative of a disappointing date at a Corinne Bailey Rae concert, where Drew’s partner overlooks her carefully chosen “royal shade of blue” outfit. However, delve deeper, and you’ll find that the dress is more than just a garment; it’s a symbol of confidence and self-worth, a theme Drew passionately explores.

Drew’s mother’s advice, “to dress your best so you can feel your best,” echoes throughout the song, transforming it into an anthem of empowerment. The message is clear: The worst thing a woman can do is give her power away. In That Dress, Drew reclaims this power, turning a moment of vulnerability into a statement of strength.

The musical arrangement of That Dress is a masterclass in subtlety and sophistication. A warm piano melody welcomes you into Drew’s world, setting the stage for her soulful vocals that are nothing short of mesmerizing. Her voice, rich with emotion, envelopes you as she takes you on an introspective tour of love, disappointment, and ultimately, empowerment.

Bryce Drew That Dress song cover
Bryce Drew That Dress song cover

Lyrically, the song is a gem. Lines like “You barely even looked me in the eyes” and “That dress was made for me, and I wasted it on you” are delivered with such raw honesty that they strike a chord. The imagery of the dress, “sitting in my closet mid-May to August, waiting for its grand debut,” is powerful, encapsulating the anticipation and eventual disillusionment of the experience.

The song’s climax, where Drew acknowledges that she can’t bring herself to wear the dress again, is a poignant moment. It signifies not just the end of a relationship but also the lasting impact it has had on her. The dress, once a symbol of hope and excitement, is now a reminder of what was lost – yet, in this loss, Drew finds her voice and her power.

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