Bonze Releases The Heartfelt New Single Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)

by Lucy Lerner

25th March, 2021

Bonze releases the heartfelt new single Jenny (Can You Hear Me?). Starting as an intimate stripped-back piano ballad with nostalgic tones, the song soon changes direction and becomes an up-tempo electro-pop number.

“Jenny (Can You Hear Me?) is a cliche and an unapologetic love song. It was written in a shed in winter. The song is about the beginnings of a relationship with a girl ‘Jenny’, it’s about how emotionally up and down I can be and about how I felt that I was fully ready to commit to the relationship and just hoped that she was ready too. It was written with an 80’s-sounding analog synth, a mic, guitar and piano. This song became the foundation of my sound and upcoming album.”

London-based Alt-Pop artist Bonze captures many emotions and feelings with this simple track. We love the way it feels like multiple songs in one.

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