“I start my day out every morning with a trip to Starbucks to grab a grande vanilla latte with almond milk. This ritual usually gets the creative juices going.”

Blacknintendo follows his 2016 album Whataburger Sessions with his latest project Starbucks Sessions. The Texas-based composer, producer, and performer expertly fuses jazz, hip-hop, funk, R&B, and soul to create a soothing nostalgic sound.

“One day I picked my mom up on a coffee run and got inspired from something she was humming. I immediately brought her back to the house to record some vocals on the track “Mine” which inspired the rest of the album. The inspiration was soul, r&b, funk, hiphop and a little bit of NOLA bounce.” – Blacknintendo

Starbucks Sessions contains tracks with a mellow groove and funky disposition punctuated by vignettes filled with the trademark Blacknintendo humour and observations on life. The whole feel of Starbucks Sessions is loose and limber. It makes you think of chilled summer days and lazy Sunday afternoons. Soulful vocals float around nu-jazz, hip-hop beats and jazz-inflected instrumentals.

With tracks entitled Grande Vanilla Latte, Trenta Black Ice Tea Lemonade it reminds you of the inspiration behind the album and Blacknintendo’s love for all things sweet and calorific.

Blacknintendo continues to be an intriguing and exciting artist sticking to his style and doing what he loves best. Starbucks Sessions delivers the goods Venti style with a double shot and whipped cream on top. It’s the hit of caffeine we all need.


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