BIM Releases The Potent I Still Remember

by Lucy Lerner

20th November, 2021

BIM releases the potent I Still Remember. With expressive vocals, stunning instrumentals and a sensitive subject matter, the song lingers long in your mind. The London-based singer-songwriter drops a thought-provoking single, the second from her forthcoming EP which promises more compelling music fusing her soul and gospel influences.

I still remember touches on the experience of being black in the UK and frustration pours through each dynamic note as to how pain was ignored and how it took so long for everyone else to see so much was wrong.

It was written in the summer of 2020 when it seemed that so many, for the first time, we were seeing the reality of our daily lives for what can be. There seemed to be an awakening taking place but this song articulates my frustration with the idea that this is a ‘new’ occurrence. It’s not. Calling out what has been wrong for so long is very overdue and this is my way of asking where were you? and why did you take so long?” – BIM

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