Beyond the Charts: Exploring the Best Indie Tracks of July

by Alex Harris

10th July, 2024

Beyond the Charts: Exploring the Best Indie Tracks of July

As July unfolds, we’re delving into the indie music scene to highlight some of the most captivating tracks that deserve your attention.

From ethereal melodies to raw rhythms, these songs are must-adds to your playlist.

Keep an eye out, as we’ll be uncovering even more hidden gems throughout the month. Get ready to find your new favorite tunes!


Track Title: All Night
Artist: BOY LOCO
Genre: Indie Pop/Rock


Why We Love It: BOY LOCO’s “All Night” is an irresistible invitation to dive into the magic of nocturnal adventures.

Flynn and Tudor, the dynamic duo behind the band, have crafted a song that blends catchy guitar riffs with deeply personal lyrics.

The opening riff hooks you immediately, setting the tone for a song that’s as lively as it is introspective.

Flynn’s vocals bring the lyrics to life, weaving a narrative of fleeting moments and late-night escapades that feel both intimate and universal.

“All Night” is already trending on TikTok, and for good reason. The chorus is addictive, and the production strikes a perfect balance, giving each element room to shine while maintaining a cohesive and engaging sound.

“All Night” takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of nighttime adventures, making it a perfect anthem for summer nights.

BOY LOCO has proven once again that they are masters at creating songs that connect on an emotional level while also being incredibly fun to listen to.

Sam Setton – TLV

Track Title: TLV
Artist: Sam Setton
Genre: Indie Pop

Sam Setton 8 Years New Tears album
Sam Setton 8 Years New Tears album

Why We Love It: “TLV” by Sam Setton is a heartfelt tribute to Tel Aviv, capturing a longing that overshadows his love for New York.

The track’s laidback vibe and atmospheric soundscape pull you into Sam’s world, where the city offers a fresh start and an escape from familiar heartbreak.

Sam’s smooth vocals deliver a narrative of connection and choice.

The instrumentation blends modern indie pop with regional sounds, creating a unique backdrop.

The chorus, “I never wanna leave Tel Aviv,” is a powerful mantra that reflects his deep desire to stay.

With its introspective lyrics and evocative sound, “TLV” invites listeners to reflect on their own connections to places and decisions that shape their lives.

Sam Setton’s ability to convey complex emotions with ease makes this track memorable.

Romy Dya x Iceje – Cali Nights

Track Title: Cali Nights
Artist: Romy Dya x Iceje
Genre: Soul/Neo Soul, Alternative R&B

Why We Love It: “Cali Nights” by Romy Dya and her son Iceje is a captivating exploration of love, both real and imagined.

The song’s backstory, involving a playful social media ruse, adds a layer of intrigue to an already compelling track.

Romy’s journey through her own relationship struggles and healing process informs her heartfelt performance.

The song began with a beat made by Romy, which inspired Iceje to quickly write and record his part.

Romy agreed to feature only if the song was exceptional and centred on love.

With the help of producers Kuzey and Ty60, the track evolved into a warm and inviting piece with psychedelic rock-inspired synthesisers.

“Cali Nights” blends soulful melodies with modern R&B elements. Romy and Iceje’s vocal interplay creates a rich, emotional depth.

Their distinct melodic runs and genuine lyrics about true love resonate deeply, making the track memorable.

This collaboration not only showcases their musical talents but also their ability to tell a story that connects on a personal level.

“Cali Nights” is a taste of what’s to come from Romy’s upcoming love album, promising authenticity and soul.

PapaRaZzle – PARIS

Track Title: Paris
Artist: PapaRaZzle
Genre: Afrofusion

PapaRaZzle I'm In Paris And I Miss You EP cover
PapaRaZzle I’m In Paris And I Miss You EP cover

Why We Love It: “Paris” by PapaRaZzle is an invigorating anthem that invites listeners to escape the mundane and revel in the joys of the City of Light.

Inspired by a spontaneous and transformative week in Paris, this track encapsulates the vibrant spirit and carefree energy that define the city.

The song’s upbeat rhythm and catchy melody immediately grab your attention.

PapaRaZzle’s smooth vocals, paired with the dynamic production by French producer Lisa Tz, create an infectious vibe that is both refreshing and compelling.

The afrofusion beats blend seamlessly with soulful undertones, painting a sonic picture of Parisian streets and late-night adventures.

Lyrically, “Paris” is a celebration of freedom and exploration. The chorus, urging listeners to dance and dream, captures the essence of a stress-free escape.

It’s a track that embodies the excitement of new experiences and the joy of living in the moment.

The vivid imagery in the lyrics makes you feel like you’re wandering through Paris, soaking in its magic.

PapaRaZzle’s collaboration with talented producers like Lisa Tz, Saan, and Racy J adds depth to the track, infusing it with layers of sound that reflect the diversity and richness of the city.

The production is polished yet retains a raw authenticity, making “Paris” feel both grand and intimate.

This track is a standout on the EP “I’m In Paris And I Miss You,” which captures various facets of PapaRaZzle’s Parisian experience.

“Paris” in particular shines with its uplifting energy and heartfelt delivery, making it a must-listen for anyone yearning for a musical escape.

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