Beyond the Charts: An Eclectic Playlist for Music Discovery

by neonmusic

14th May, 2024

Beyond the Charts: An Eclectic Playlist for Music Discovery

The digital age has been a revolution for music creators. More music is being released now than ever before.

As a music publication, we’re inundated with submissions and new releases daily.

It’s thrilling to witness the sheer creativity and talent out there, but it also means that a lot of incredible music inevitably slips through the cracks.

That’s why we’re launching Beyond the Charts, a curated playlist designed to spotlight the hidden gems, the genre-benders, and the artists pushing boundaries.

We believe that great music deserves to be heard, regardless of whether it’s topping the mainstream charts.

This playlist is our commitment to showcasing the diverse sounds that inspire us.

Neon Music: Beyond The Charts
Neon Music: Beyond The Charts

Why ‘Beyond the Charts’?

  • Discovery: We want this to be a resource for music lovers to unearth their new favourite artists and songs.
  • Diversity: From indie folk to experimental electronica, global sounds to local hip hop, we’re embracing the full spectrum of music.
  • Passion: This isn’t about algorithms or industry trends. It’s about the music that excites us, the songs that stick with us, and the artists we believe in.
  • Community: We invite you, our readers, to join us on this journey. Share your discoveries, suggest tracks, and let’s build a vibrant community around music exploration.

How to Submit Your Music:

We’re always looking for new music to feature. If you’re an artist or band, please send us your tracks via Submithub.

Boost Your Music’s Reach:

  • Playlist Curation: Landing a spot on our playlist can expose your music to a wider audience of dedicated music enthusiasts.
  • Increased Visibility: We’ll share the playlist across our social media platforms and website, giving your music additional promotion.

Our Monthly Playlist Picks:

  • Track Title: Your/My
  • Artist: Jay Park
  • Genre: R&B, Hip Hop

Why We Love It: Jay Park’s return is nothing short of a statement. “Your/My” strips back the excess, both visually and sonically, to reveal a raw, heartfelt exploration of love’s complexities.

His lyrics resonate with a universal longing for genuine connection, making this a standout track in his “Jay Park Season 1” EP series.

The accompanying visuals, with Jay Park notably covering his tattoos, underscore the song’s emotional rawness and vulnerability.

  • Track Title: On Letting Go
  • Artist: Gordon St. John
  • Genre: Folk Rock

Why We Love It: Gordon St. John’s “On Letting Go” is a raw and honest exploration of heartbreak and the struggle to move on.

The song’s delicate guitar work, produced by James Bunton, creates a melancholic atmosphere that perfectly complements St. John’s evocative vocals.

The lyrics dive deep into the pain of loss, the temptation to hold onto memories,and the realisation that letting go is a process that can’t be forced. It’s a relatable anthem for anyone.

  • Track Title: Execution (Freestyle)
  • Artist: G-salih
  • Genre: Hip Hop

Why We Love It: In a year marked by rap beefs and diss tracks, G-salih’s “Execution (Freestyle)” is a breath of fresh air.

There’s no battle here, just a masterclass in lyrical precision and conscious rap.

G-salih embarks on a verbal escapade, weaving intricate verses that hit hard with thoughtful observations and clever wordplay.

This track is a testament to the power of pure skill and a reminder that hip hop can elevate beyond feuds and focus on the art of storytelling.

  • Track Title: County Fair
  • Artist: Eddy Lee Ryder
  • Genre: Demented Pop

Why You Need to Hear It: With her highly anticipated debut album “Sweet Delusions” on the horizon, Eddy Lee Ryder continues to tease her unique brand of “demented pop” with the release of the captivating new single “County Fair.”

The track is a mesmerising blend of classic songwriting prowess and Ryder’s introspective, almost haunting lyricism.

As she grapples with the anguish of a severed relationship, her vocals ache with longing and regret, pleading “If I write you a beautiful song, will you call for me today?”

Beneath the melancholic poetry lies a glimmer of hope, with Ryder clinging to the possibility of rekindling the lost connection.

With her deft lyricism and an ear for indelible melodies, this rising artist is poised to make waves with the arrival of “Sweet Delusions” on July 19th.

  • Track Title: Mobsters
  • Artists: K-Trap, Blade Brown
  • Genre: UK Drill/Rap

Why You Need to Hear It: K-Trap celebrates his unbreakable crew ties on “Mobsters,” an explosive collaboration with longtime friend Blade Brown.

The hard-hitting first taste of Trap’s debut album “SMILE?”, it’s a cinematic storytelling masterclass packed with vivid lyrics about luxury, loyalty, and street wisdom.

With its rapid-fire flow and production from X10 and M1onthebeat, “Mobsters” whets appetites for the highly-anticipated full album, showcasing K-Trap’s artistic evolution while paying homage to classic gangster flicks.

As hype builds for “SMILE?” this powerful single underscores the enduring brotherhood driving the UK drill scene forward.

  • Track Title: Unstuck
  • Artist: Frankie Bird
  • Genre: Indie Pop

Why We Love It: Frankie Bird’s new single “Unstuck” is a shimmering indie pop gem and the perfect prelude to her highly-anticipated debut album “Twenty Something.”

Kicking off with Bird’s rich vocals soaring acapella, the track immediately captivates with its melody-driven lyricism.

As layered instrumentation blossoms, “Unstuck” blossoms into an empowering anthem about the personal growth that can emerge from the turbulence of one’s twenties.

With its uplifting message and Bird’s undeniable songwriting talent on full display, this radiant number has us even more excited for the life experiences and musical journeys that await on the full-length “Twenty Something.”

A stellar introduction to an artist with a bright future ahead.

  • Track Title: Without Calling
  • Artist: Noel
  • Genre: Moody Pop

Why We Love It: Rising Swedish singer-songwriter Noel continues to captivate with her moody, introspective brand of pop on the new single “Without Calling.”

A melancholic meditation on the struggle between desire and self-doubt, the track finds Noel’s emotive vocals grappling with wanting to love but not feeling worthy of it, ultimately distancing herself.

Written in a cabin with close collaborators, “Without Calling” exudes an intimate, stripped-back quality, with its slightly rougher sound marking an enticing evolution in Noel’s sonic journey.

As he laments “wanting to love but not feeling good enough for it,” the Swedish artist’s poignant lyricism resonates with profound vulnerability.

With its raw, confessional energy and Noel’s undeniable songwriting talents, “Without Calling” furthers her rise as one of pop’s most compelling new voices.

  • Track Title: How Dare You
  • Artist: Alexander Stewart
  • Genre: Commercial

Why We Love It: Named one of Spotify’s Pop Rising Artists to Watch in 2024, Alexander Stewart showcases the raw authenticity of his voice on the powerful new single “How Dare You.”

An emotionally charged anthem fueled by betrayal and the lingering embers of love, the track finds Stewart delivering a dynamic, vengeance-laced vocal performance that’s equal parts vulnerable and vengeful.

His impressive range enables him to weave a complex tapestry of hurt, anger, and longing as he confronts infidelity head-on with piercing, poignant lyricism.

For anyone who has grappled with the anguish of a broken heart, “How Dare You” offers an exquisitely cathartic listen and a reminder that strength can be forged from despair’s depths.

With his undeniable talent and knack for tapping into universal emotional truths, this compelling number solidifies Stewart’s rising star status in the pop realm.

  • Track Title: Superglue
  • Artist: Holden McRae
  • Genre: Indie Pop

Why We Love It: The third and final single off Holden McRae’s highly anticipated debut EP, “Superglue” is a breezy, nostalgia-tinged indie pop gem.

With a laidback sound reminiscent of artists like Del Water Gap and Leith Ross, the track finds the emerging singer-songwriter bearing his vulnerabilities through delicate lyrics and crisp vocals.

Holden McRae captures the delicate push-and-pull of starting a new relationship after heartbreak—the eagerness to fall deep, meshed with caution from a heart “superglued” back together.

As he details those tentative first steps into new love, “Superglue” proves a perfect sunny day soundtrack for crushing on someone special.

Showcasing McRae’s undeniable songwriting talent and placing him as a vital new voice, this wistful yet upbeat number has all the makings of a summer indie pop standout.

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