Bethany Ferrie’s Stayed is a modern love story and the nostalgia of being with someone and remembering a simpler, better time. It’s honest, real and heart wrenching, the kind of song you would hear in the chocolate aisle in Asda and burst into tears when you think you’re fine. However, at the same time, it’s lovely to listen to. It’s an enjoyable, powerful track that is so simple yet strong and beautiful.

Stayed is happy but so honest, you almost want to cry for Ferrie but her voice is so confident pulling the truthful words together like little fragile fragments of her soul.

Bethany Ferrie is coming into her own as an artist, truthfully showing us how painful a breakup is. We’ve all been there, it’s painful to the core and nothing hurts like it but you get through it and this track is proof. It’s the breakup anthem we all wish we’d had, far more positive and hopeful than listening to Celine Dion’s All By Myself, Bridget Jones style on a Saturday night in with a bottle of wine to yourself.

It’s empowering in a way; Ferrie has been through this to tell you you can get through it. It’s so happy for a heartbreak song, you almost don’t want to enjoy it. It’s lovely. The track is pieced together so easily and flows smoothly, like a carefree, acoustic dream. The guitar strums are like that of a classic emotional love song but it’s more Duffy with her raspy honesty and less Taylor Swift American twinkliness.

A raw and honest track, Bethany Ferrie has given us a sneak peek of what she’s capable of.