Bedroom Walls By Etaoin Is An Earworm Of A Song

by Lucy Lerner

15th January, 2021

Bedroom Walls by Etaoin is an earworm of a song. Written entirely on an acoustic guitar, Etaoin‘s debut single features tender vocals, rich strings and relatable lyrics. The song conjures a melancholic mood with a little bit of euphoria thrown in as the song builds. Poignant and filled with raw emotion, Bedroom Walls stemmed from heartbreak, but the singer-songwriter who grew up between Ireland and the UK admits it’s about so much more.

“When I listen to ‘Bedroom Walls’ now there’s a sense of waiting for my old self to come back. Not only waiting for someone else, but for yourself at the same time; wanting to be in contact with someone through lyrics, but not actually facing it. Pride can get in the way sometimes, people don‘t wanna look like they care. I‘m so guilty of that, I‘m scared of looking like I care too much. Especially with boys. So I just think of a million speeches, write texts, delete them and ask friends the same question over and over as if they know the answer.”  – Etaoin

Etaoin’s debut single released via Made Records sets the tone for her EP which will be out later this year. 

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