Bastian BakerBastian Baker, the 26-year-old international singer-songwriter is the first Swiss artist to go to the US and “make it”. He moved from Lausanne, Switzerland, to Nashville where he has written a stream of hits.

Everyone thought I was going to be a hockey player, ” says Baker. “My dad and his dad were both professionals, and I was on the Swiss national team, but I had this thing inside me that just kept saying, Music, music, music.

This genuine international star travelled a lot playing a world tour with his acoustic guitar and riding on his Harley. He says, “This is the most honest way I can introduce myself to an audience outside of my comfort zone. You can’t cheat when it’s just your guitar and vocals.

Each track from Baker’s new self-titled album has been written in different places or situations and you can learn a life lesson from each one. ‘Bastian Baker’ features 14 folk/rock tracks but it is something of a new beginning for the talented singer, “I don’t see this upcoming album as my fourth,” explains Baker. “I see it as a second debut. I wanted to push myself to try new sounds and write with new people for this album, to create something different and work without borders or limits.

The new album features tracks from the upbeat ‘Stay’, the haunting ‘All Around Us’, Americana style ‘Love On Fire’, the lovelorn ‘So Low’ and the stripped back ‘You Should Call Home’ as well as ‘SIX‘ (which we premiered on Neon Music) among many other highlights.

Each song marks Baker’s personal way and fluid songwriting. The overall feeling you get when you listen to it is feel-good and thought-provoking. It is a very ambitious album from Bastian Baker and one where we really get to know the man behind the music.

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