B-ahwe’s Infected: A Sonic Daydream You Won’t Want to Wake Up From

by Marcus Adetola

6th September, 2023

B-ahwe's Infected: A Sonic Daydream You Won't Want to Wake Up From

South London-based singer-songwriter B-ahwe is a breath of fresh air, a siren in the mist of the mundane, especially with her second solo track of the year, Infected. She’s not just releasing a song; she’s casting a spell. This comes on the heels of her recent single Ride 2 Nowhere, and it’s a tantalising teaser for her forthcoming project, the intriguingly titled 26% MIXTAPE.

Infected is an aural tapestry woven with threads of silky vocals and intoxicating beats. It’s like stepping into a dream where reality blurs at the edges, and all that’s left is a sense of infatuation that you can’t shake off. The track is a collaboration with close friend and musical partner TAMBALA, and the chemistry is palpable. Co-produced during the lockdown, this song is a testament to the power of connection in isolated times.

The lyrical content is as mesmerising as the music itself. “Kinda cold out, I wouldn’t mind. If you weren’t here infecting my mind,” she sings, capturing the essence of a relationship that’s both a sweet addiction and a gentle tug-of-war. It’s the stage where you’re on the phone for hours, lost in conversation, yet aware that reality is calling. The recurring lines “I will put my phone down if you will too” and “The idea infects my mind, mind” encapsulate the push and pull of modern love, where connection is just a call away yet emotionally miles apart.

B-ahwe’s vocals are a river smooth, flowing, and irresistibly pulling you along. They blend seamlessly with TAMBALA’s dreamlike production, creating a soundscape that’s as comforting as it is unsettling. The song reaches its crescendo with a hypnotic “Da-da-da-da-daa-daah,” a melodic mantra that lingers long after the track ends.

B-ahwe Infected song artwork
B-ahwe Infected song artwork

Infected is the sonic equivalent of that late-night phone call you never want to end, the daydream you don’t want to snap out of. With her upcoming 26% MIXTAPE, B-ahwe is not just a musician to watch; she’s a musician to get lost in. So go ahead and let Infected seep into your senses. Just don’t blame us when you can’t get it out of your head.

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