Ayox’s Walking Dead feat. Zlatan: A Vivid Exploration of Life’s Ephemeral Nature

by Marcus Adetola

2nd December, 2023

Ayox's Walking Dead feat. Zlatan: A Vivid Exploration of Life's Ephemeral Nature

Up-and-coming artist Ayox joins forces with Zlatan on Walking Dead, a track that pulsates with life’s fleeting essence. Kambi Pictures directed the official music video, which weaves a narrative rich in action, suspense, and a spirit of celebration.

The sonic landscape of Walking Dead is a captivating fusion of Afrobeat rhythms and rap’s verbal agility. It’s a track that immediately grabs your attention with its infectious mid-tempo beat and a melody that sticks. Ayox and Zlatan’s vocal interplay, traversing between English and Yoruba, adds layers of cultural depth and linguistic playfulness to the mix.

What sets Walking Dead apart is its lyrical introspection. Ayox delves into a broader meditation on life, mortality, and the pursuit of meaning. The song’s chorus, “Every man is a walking dead,” isn’t just a catchy hook; it’s a philosophical musing on the transient nature of existence.

Zlatan’s contribution to the track is equally noteworthy. His verses, brimming with poignant observations and rhetorical questions, ponder the paradoxes of life and death. The line “Why should the good die young and the bad live for long?” is particularly striking, encapsulating the universal perplexities surrounding fate and justice.

The music video complements the song’s thematic richness. It’s an extension of the song’s narrative. The cinematic quality and vivid storytelling intensify the song’s contemplative mood, adding a layer of dramatic intensity.

Ayox Walking Dead featuring Zlatan song cover
Ayox Walking Dead featuring Zlatan song cover

In Walking Dead, Ayox and Zlatan have crafted a piece that transcends the typical confines of genre. It’s a song that resonates on multiple levels—as a danceable track, a lyrical exploration, and a visual spectacle.

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