Augustine Depicts A Night to Remember In Prom

by Lucy Lerner

4th February, 2021

Augustine’s new single Prom is soaked in emotion and nostalgia. The super catchy synth-pop number encapsulates the anticipation of a life-changing night. The visuals embody this feeling making you feel you are on the journey with him, looking out of the window at the twinkling lights of the city that holds so many secrets.

“The night before prom came to embody this very tense and juvenile feeling of a life-changing moment. You know the feeling that everything will be different tomorrow? There is so much melancholia attached to it, but also excitement. It’s beautiful in a way. You never know how things will turn out, or what choices will make sense in the end.”

There is so much to love about Prom. Augustine’s unique falsetto captures the youthfulness of the subject matter yet there is a retro edge to the song. Lyrics bring the song to life:

I’m dressed up pretty, real delightful for the night 
But I was nearly suicidal before your car arrived 

Moving up to the villas 
Kill a bit of time Prom tomorrow night 

Tasting sweet how the wind blows 
But get your head inside 
I need you here alive

Prom is the perfect escapism from the Swedish songwriter, producer, and we’re glad we get to tag along for the ride.

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