Anna Pancaldi Releases A Slice Of Emotional Paradise In No More Make Believe

by Lucy Lerner

17th October, 2021

Anna Pancaldi knows how to tug at heartstrings and her latest release is no exception. A soaring piano ballad No More Make Believe is a stripped back slice of emotional paradise allowing Anna’s compelling vocals to shine. The chorus has anthemic qualities with a cascading melody that starts off intimate and heartfelt and builds to a crescendo. A live music video heightens the emotion and allows fans to see Anna Pancaldi doing what she does best.

“No More Make Believe was one of the few songs that cascaded out. A song that needed little reworking, but simply to find the words to latch onto that would honour the melody, expressing my innermost thoughts of loss. This song speaks of grief, which we all can relate to in some way, and some of the words we’d perhaps share with those now unreachable. Once we’ve experienced loss, we’re never quite the same, morphed anew carrying the weight of those now passed. This is for all those we love so deeply and have lost.” – Anna Pancaldi

You can see Anna Pancaldi on Sunday 17th October at Laylow, London from 7 pm. Find out more here.

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