Anna Bea‘s latest single People Keep Telling Me is a memorable pop infused tune which is all about doing things your own way. It’s always frustrating when people don’t mind their business and make judgments on others. Anna reminds us it’s ok to follow your own path and be your own person.

I don’t need to answer to other people’s point of view 
Go ahead, disapprove 
Cause I know that I will be alright tomorrow when the sun rises up again Cause I know that I, that I don’t have to follow where everyone else has been

In People Keep Telling Me, Anna Bea’s powerful vocals shine over a jaunty rhythm with frank lyrics. This is Anna Bea’s second single and will feature in her upcoming EP set for release in October 2020.

“This is a song about confidence and not feeling pressured to live up to people’s expectations. It’s about feeling happy and comfortable in the skin you’re in and not feeling like you need another person to define you as whole.” – Anna Bea

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