Anjulie Makes A Bold Statement With Big Bad World

by Lucy Lerner

15th August, 2021

Platinum-selling singer-songwriter Anjulie drops Big Bad World, an incredibly relevant song for our times. With hard-hitting lyrics wrapped up in a shiny bow of dreamy vocals, an intoxicating melody and glossy visuals. Big Bad World is the title track from the Toronto artists’ self-produced sophomore album. The lyrics speak for themselves but the song discusses themes of school shootings, war, economic inequality and how a lot of people turn a blind eye to the horrors of the world as they are caught up in the latest tech and social media, “when ur all the rage and ur getting paid and ur pretty as fuck”. Anjulie makes a bold statement with her latest release and we can’t wait to hear more from her forthcoming album.

don’t look now
there’s a war outside
turn ur tv up
get ur filter right
cos it’s not ur fault
baby don’t be scared
it’s a big bad world out there

Big Bad World is out now.

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