Anima Is A Journey From Golan

by Beth Shipley

24th April, 2020

I’m not familiar with the Romanian electronic music scene but I’d say Golanhas conquered it. Their spacey, mysterious tones in Anima set the scene for an exciting four minutes of synthy Caribou-like sounds.

Anima shares likeness with Caribou’s Suddenly and the unpredictable depth of Tame Impala – this is most prominent towards the end of the track when it really builds and changes character from slow and steady to punchy and more like the electronic music we’re used to. Anima is enchanting, drifting you through the track with ease. It’s afterparty music: the perfect 4 am winding down track when the sun is coming up but you’re still enjoying your night. It’s built with layers of subtle but effective textures of electronic beats, an experimental but successful slow jam.

Despite the simple beauty of Anima, it is slightly monotone with its repetitive lyrics of “Always on my mind” but lyrics aren’t a vital part of making a catchy electronic / dance track. The song carries itself.

You feel as if you’re on a journey with Golan throughout Anima, you can feel whatever it is they’re searching for or whatever is always on their mind. The journey ends on a bright and bouncy note; quite a different tone to the dark, swaying mystery of the first half.

Anima is a steady, confident electro anthem and everyone should be excited about Golan’s long-awaited album.

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