AMWIN Captures A Euphoric Vibe on Long Gone

by Marcus Adetola

23rd June, 2022

AMWIN captures emotions of young love on Long Gone in its pure form, exhilarating and euphoric. The Swedish artist’s distinctive and well-textured vocals encapsulate a deep sense of intimacy and vulnerability on the superbly arranged track. She does exceedingly well to capture the vibrant feeling of a new relationship with a dance vibe.

The melodic intro, verse, buildup, and chorus come together pleasantly. AMWIN can do no wrong releasing songs like Long Gone.

“Long Gone is a danceable song that captures the naive hopefulness that arises when you’re newly in love. The feeling of invincibility, that meets a longing for something bigger and about wanting to encapsulate time, so that the future won’t take that feeling away from you. It was created in the autumn of 2019, together with my then boyfriend Simon Superti, so it really means a lot to me”, says AMWIN.

Long Gone is out now.

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