Alwyszay’s Debut Single Flip Phone Makes Him One To Watch

by Emma Reynolds

12th October, 2020

Alwyszay's Debut Single Flip Phone Makes Him One To Watch
Alwyszay's Debut Single Flip Phone Makes Him One To Watch

Music genre-bending artist Alwyszay brings us a soundscape of beautiful R&B beats accompanied by his airy vocals for his captivating new single Flip Phone. Alwyszay makes songwriting and producing look easy the way the vocals in this song and the backing track marry together to give you a fusion of lo-fi beats with pop that transports you to a place of tranquility and thought-provoking bliss.

It doesn’t come as any surprise that Alwyszay finds inspiration for his music from artists such as The Weeknd, Drake, and Justin Bieber since the style of music he produces is on par with theirs. I can already tell he is going to be one-to-watch.

Flip Phone sees the independent artist pour out his heart about the struggles and heartbreak he has faced in his personal life. You can hear the yearning in his voice to engage in a lust-filled relationship. “Private party when he not around, bnb I got it for the rounds“. We hear an ambient trap-beat combined with a stunning melody and even a hint of 90s nostalgia with that classic Nokia ringtone sounding off in the background which I found very unique. The story sees two lovers, both seemingly not interested in pursuing a “real” relationship, using a “flip phone” to converse since these are rarely used any longer and can hide many secrets, deleting text messages and arranging to see each other in private. The pair keep the relationship alive through their intense passion for the pleasure of the relationship hence why they continue to mess around.

Alwyszay’s Instagram uses the bio “MODEL ARTIST WRITER ENGINEER” and he got “engineer” right. He has proven in his debut single that music can be engineered to tell a story with amazing emotion and feels incredibly powerful to the listener. I can’t wait to hear what he produces next.

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