Ava SaintSupporting Childcare on their current ‘Luckyucker’ tour, Nottingham’s own Ava Saint opened up for them in the city’s Rescue Rooms (Red Rooms) last week. They were incredible and you could be easily forgiven for thinking they were, in fact, the headliners of the show.

Ava Saint is a 4 piece alternative rock group fronted Holly Taylor-Gamble, who previously sang as a solo artist under that moniker. Other members of the group include Tyler Heaney, Greg Forsyth, Jacob Davies.

Dressed in an oversized neon yellow jumper and fuschia skirt, combined with a leather choker necklace and peroxide blonde pixie cut, you can’t miss the frontwoman and nor did she want to be missed, at that. Not with the unleashing of those vocals. I was blown away!

Ava Saint’s sound has been described as “a bit Florence and the Machine with a darker, punkier edge.” That’s them down to a ‘t’. If Florence Welch and band were to be found in a moshpit you would have Ava Saint. Holly’s delicate, breathy vocals become juxtaposed against their loud rock n roll attitude and make for a musical combination that really is something special.

As part of their set, the band performed a cover of the classic ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ by Pink Floyd and it worked so well because they truly made it their own. The crowd loved it. The band seemed to be enjoying themselves too and worked so well together on stage.

Ava Saint is sultry at times and ethereal at others, but rock n roll throughout. Catch them now while they are still playing the smaller, more intimate gigs because their’s is a sound that’s destined for the arenas.

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